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Plant Instructions 

Planting in Pots:

      Select a pot that is either 1 gallon or 3 gallons in size; a larger pot should not exceed 3 gallons to begin with. Carefully remove the plant from its original container and transplant it into the chosen pot. Water the plant thoroughly, ensuring that the soil is evenly moist. Initially, place the potted plant in a location with 4-6 hours of sunlight, gradually increasing the exposure to full sun over the course of a week.

Planting in the Ground:

       When planting in the ground, dig a hole that is approximately 2 feet by 2 feet in size, making it both deep and wide. Replace the native soil with nutrient-rich garden soil. Place the plant in the ground, ensuring it's at the appropriate depth, and water it generously to help it establish itself in its new environment.

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