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How to Plant a Bare Root?

Step 1

Soak the roots ONLY in water for 2-3 hours in shade. Don’t over soak it.

Optional: (I usually add 2 drops of HB-101 in 1 gallon water. Or I add 5ml Super thrive into 1 gallon water. I add 20ml “3 in 1 rose spray” in 1 gallon water to spray, I think it can kill the bacteria, prevent black canes.)

Step 2

Plant roots in pot or ground.

(Do NOT add fertilizer to soil! This is very important. Bare root burn easily and die. I recommend adding 1 cup of perlite to soil for each plant. When new leaves are about 2 inches long, it's time to give them fertilizer slowly. )

Step 3

Water the planted root well.

(No direct sun for first 3 days. If temperature drop below 32f, protection is very necessary. I use the plant blanket to cover them if it’s too cold. When temperature is over 70f, make sure soil is moist, but not soaking wet.)

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